User:Jeroen (van Luiken) Bakker

Jeroen (van Luiken-)Bakker was born on may 30th 1981 in IJmuiden (Velsen), the Netherlands as 'just' Jeroen Bakker. At the age of 10 he took basic keyboard -not piano- lessons, which he continued for eleven years. At the age of 15 (or may be 16) he wrote his first composition, The Quest for a Lost Paradise - The Beach Theme - (for piano), which was ment to become the introduction to an opera. The project was never finished but The Beach Theme found its way into other works such as 'Une petit dramatique pour orgue'. Currently Jeroen works at several musical projects such as; a muziekale bloemlezing van Nederlandsche dichters van voor 1900 (A musical anthology of Dutch poetry from before 1900).

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