Thanks for the note.

I have your MacFarren CD in my car stereo at the moment - I've really enjoyed it all. I read the bit in the CD booklet where it said you had not been able to find a published copy. It crossed my mind to contact you - but I thought with the passing of time you would have found one.

My MacFarren copy, as far as I can see, is not a publisher's proof. I had a large (2ft high) pile of very old cello music passed onto me - which I added to my own collection. There was a lot of unknown (to me) music in it - some I can still find nothing about even after some research. It came with that. I have few other details. The collection was from Yorkshire (I'm in the NE of England). If you send me an E-mail address I'd be happy to send you a copy of the PDF. I've been uploading a lot of the original pile over the last year or so. I listened once to your CD with the part, and only noticed one obvious difference (I can't claim to have done it very carefully) - a passage of about a line transposed by an octave.

I've had the same problem downloading, but I found if I used the AOL browser (my ISP is AOL) rather than Internet Explorer - then it worked fine....

Keep up the work recording little known cello pieces - it's wonderful.