Hey everybody

I'm an amateur saxophonist. When i was young i played violon, but that was not the richt instrument for me. On age of 36 years i have learned playing saxophone for three years, and played in a band. Then i did'nt play for almost 19 years.

In 2008 januari i began to study again on my new alto sax Selmer series III. I'm very enthousiast about my instrument, i work on being better every day. I like classical music most. I like performers like: Nobuya Sugawa, Kenneth Tse, Eugene Rousseau, Michael Hester, Marcel Mule, Steven Mauk, Paul Brodie, Arno Bornkamp, Styliani Tartsinis, and others.

There is a lot of music that will disapear after time, so i love IMSLP to prevent lost of nice music.

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