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I am a composer and trumpet player in the Boston area, currently going to graduate school for Composition and playing in several local orchestras and bands, with the occasional gig on the side. I pay the bills by doing research for a forensic psychiatrist. I have a modest website at I have also started to add my scores to IMSLP, my page is here.

I have been very interested lately in the occasional and unusual instruments that brass players, especially trumpet players, are called on to play in the orchestra. These include the Alto Trumpet in F (also known as the Contra-alto Trumpet), the Bass Trumpet in all of its various keys (Eb, D, C and Bb being most common, though the Eb could be argued to be more of an Alto Trumpet), the Flugelhorn, Bugles (especially including the valved and keyed varieties) and the Saxhorns and Saxotrombas (especially the higher members that would be played by trumpet players, but I'd eventually like to get a list of all works that use any of them as many pieces utilized the bass members in that they were the precursor to the modern Tubas, Baritones and Euphoniums) (in connection with these, I have also been interested in scores that use one or more Saxophones as well). I have been working on creating as complete a listing as possible of all works that use these instruments, and am quite far along on the Alto Trumpet and am working more on the Sax instruments at the moment. What I have so far can be found here: [1], please feel free to contact me if you have any additions to this list.


Scanning Projects

  • Massenet - Full scores of the operas
  • Holbrooke
  • Saint-Saëns - Mostly orchestral scores, possibly operatic full scores soon
  • In general, full orchestral scores which feature unusual brass instruments, of which all of the above apply as well

Scores Scanned/Edited/Uploaded

Frederick Delius
Vincent d'Indy
  • Le chant de la cloche, Op.18 (Alto, 2 Baritones, and Bass Saxhorn, 1 Trumpet with 6 Pistons and 2 Trombones with 6 Pistons played by the Alto and Baritone Saxhorn players)
  • Fervaal, Op.40 (Soprano, 2 Altos, and Tenor Saxophones; 2 Small Bugles in Eb, 2 Bugles in Bb, 2 Alto and 2 Baritone Saxhorns; Cornetto in C)
Gernsheim, Friedrich
Paul Gilson
  • La Mer (Soprano, 3 Mezzo Soprano, Alto, 3 Baritone, 2 Bass and Contrabass Saxhorns)
  • Rapsodie (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophones; Bass Trumpet in Eb; Piccolo Bugle in Eb, 3 Bugles in Bb; Alto and Baritone (Sax)Horns)
  • Suite nocturne
  • Trio
Benjamin Godard
Joseph Holbrooke

Jean-Georges Kastner
Mieczysław Karłowicz
Rud Immanuel Langgaard
Anatoly Liadov
Jules Massenet
Camille Saint-Saëns
Fanfares from Fanfare: A Musical Causerie