Hello. This is my page. I write music, primarily in the mid-to-late romantic style, though I try to branch out at times. My first piece can be found here: Molto_Presto,_Op.1_(Ersfeld_Mandujano,_Paul_Daniel).

If you would like to perform any of my works for any reason, then I ask as a favour that you email me at, though you will probably not be legally required to (depending on the circumstances). I ask also that if you make a derivative work from one of mine, that you send it to me. This is not a legal requirement by any means, because of which license I put on my works, but it would be interesting to see whatever comes from my works.

On a separate note, if you would like a piece written for you, I would be very willing to write one for you, at least for the time being. If I can.