User:Leonard Vertighel/Requests

I made myself an experimental tool to generate PDF files from the JPEGs on the site of the Munich Digitisation Centre ( So far, it does the following:

  • try to grab either all or a specified range of pages of a document (JPEG images) at the highest available resolution
  • if successful, blank the top left corner, resize by interpolation to 200% (this obviously doesn't increase the level of detail, but it gives smoother edges), threshold (currently set to 80%), apply Group4 compression
  • optionally, the margin can be cropped (same amount on all pages) to reduce black borders

This is still very experimental and hasn't been tested extensively, so there is probably margin for improvement. Comments and suggestions are welcome...

For requests, just copy and paste the URL of the first page of the document to the section below. You can optionally specify a page range on the same line after the URL, separated by a space. For example, '2-10' means pages from 2 to 10 (inclusive), and '2,4-10' means page 2 and pages 4 to 10 (inclusive).


  • ...


For these scores PDFs have been uploaded to the FTP server.