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Ludwig Joseph Mahler (July 4 1984) is a classical composer, born in People's Republic of China. Not to be confused with Gustav Mahler. He showed a great talent in music and started to play the piano at the age of 6. When Ludwig Mahler was 14, he started to play the trombone. He showed a great interest in symphonies and orchestral works since then. When he was 16, he had 7 completed pieces, composed by himself. He went to United World College - Atlantic College in Wales, United Kingdom at the age of 16, and established the first student-run chamber orchestra. Two years later, he began to study in Harvard University, majored in Political Economy and Music Composition. After graduation, he continued to study further in composition and conducting, and obtained a Master's degree in music composition. He started his conducting life as a conductor at New York Philharmonic.