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Manuel Seco de Arpe, born in 1958 in Madrid. He studied with Carmelo Bernaola and Anton Garcia Abril. In 1981 it won the Rome Prize two years and resides in Rome and Siena where he studied composition with Franco Donatoni. Contact Goffredo Petrassi, who encourages and welcomes his Trio No. 2 (heard in the Festival Pontino), and collaborates with him and the critic Mario Bortolotto and musicologist Luigi Pestalozza in the preparation of the First Meeting of Composers Italian and Spanish in 1982 .

He has won numerous essay competitions and his work has been performed in many national and international festivals. He has received numerous commissions among which are: Pontine Festival (Italy), Council of Europe, Europalia (Belgium), Musica D'Oggi (Italy), Autumn Festival in Madrid (Spain) International Festival of Contemporary Music of Alicante (Spain ), Center for the Dissemination of Contemporary Music (Spain), Religious Music Week in Cuenca (Spain) International Festival of Santander (Spain), and community of Madrid, etc. He has numerous recordings on CD, Radio and TV He has taught at several conservatories Spanish and participated in creation of groups and music festivals. Currently he is teacher of composition at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid