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Maria Romanova (Amato) - conductor and composer -born in Moscow the 12/12, 1980. live in Italy and currently italian citizen

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Professional degrees : -in music theory

Institute: Gnessin State Musical College

-in composition Institute: Moscow Conservatory of Music Tchaikovskiy.

-in symphony conducting Institute: Scuola Civica (Milan) with orchestra La Verdi (Milan)

-European Conducting Academy / Vicenza; Verona; Berlino

- Master with Orchestra Berliner Symphoniker (Lior Shambadal and Romolo Gessi) - - courses - courses of the symphony conducting and the lyric opera conducting of the Russian classical repertoire with maestro I. Shtegman at the Moscow State Conservatory P. I. Tchikovskiy. - courses of the contemporary music conducting with maestro Renato Rivolta - courses of lyric italian opera conducting with maestro Daniele Agiman - choir master with Alejandro Cesar Carrillo of the Central University of Caracas (Venezuela). - courses of choral conducting at the Conservatory Giuseppe Verdi with maestro Domenico Zingaro

Teachers : Alexander Tchaikovskiy -composition Iuriy Voronzov -composition

Iuriy Buzko -instrumentation

Igor Shtegman (assistant teacher of G. Rojdestvenskiy at the Moscow Tchaikovskiy Conservatory) -symphony conducting Renato Rivolta -symphony conducting

Mario Lamberto -symphony conducting Daniele Agiman -opera conducting Domenico Zingaro -choral conducting

Professional experience as a symphony conductor : -ensemble "A study of contemporary music" of Moskow (Russia)

-orchestra ”Academy” of Leopoly (Ucraine) – project ”Young composers of the World” - “Maryensemble” Genoa, Italy.

Didactic experience as a symphony conductor:

-orchestra of the Conservatory of Turin (Italy)

-philharmonic orchestra of Piacenza (Italy)

-orchestra ”Pomeriggi musicali” of Milan (Italy)

-orchestra Berliner Symphoniker

-orchestra La Verdi (Milan)

-in 2013 she founded "Maryensemble" in Mignanego (Genoa)

- in December of 2013 she won the grant and was selected by the jury of Mahler's Philharmonic (Chairman of the Jury, Maestro Wolfgang Scheidt, former assistant of H. v. Karajan and L. Bernstein, Jascha Horenstein, Willen Mengelberg, Bruno Walter, Erich Leinsdorf, Otto Klemperer, George Szell, Leopold Stokowski, Frtz Reiner and Eugene Ormandy) to take the course of conducting as an active participant at the Academy Mahler Festival taking place from July 14-23 in Vienna.

Awards as conductor: -Diploma of honor as a conductor of international music competition ”Città di Ostuni” (Italy).

Composition competitions: -"Meeting of the art" (competition former USSR), -"In the world of Pushkin" -"International Meeting of Young Musicians in Moscow" -"Mystery of Orfeo. Century XXI). -the International Festival of music for organ M.Tariverdiev In Moscow -International Composition Competition for Choral Music in St. Petersburg (2012)

composition festivals:

-"Autumn in Moscow";-"Moscow Forum" -International festival of organ M. Tariverdiev " -Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture in Rome to study composition at the Conservatory of Genoa (in 2004)

Music for : Orchestras the orchestra and chorus populare sextets (vocals, strings, piano) trio (harp, piano and cello, oboe, violin and flute) quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn, voice and string quartet) duo (vocals and percussion), organ Piano Viola Chorus academic women's choir choir popular Russian and other.

Best works : "Scene of the ancient pagan Slavs" for orchestra and singers,"Catharsis" for harp, cello and piano," Morning on the River Neva" quartet of tubes,"Crying" for oboe, flute and violin"Conjuration of spring" for female voice and string quartet"The dream inspired by the flight of the bumblebee around a pomegranate seconds before awakening "(Inspired by the picture of S. Dali) for violin and piano,"Bela" for string orchestra on the theme of L. Berio "The lake spectral of Eternity" for string orchestra.

-Her works have been played in prestigious halls as the Great Hall, the Small Hall and the Hall of the Conservatory Rachmaninov Tschaikovskiy, M. Hall of the Glinka Museum, Hall of the House of Composers Mosca.Le of my works have been performed also by bands known as the Orchestra of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the group "Study of new music," and "Tubal" (quartet of tubas, UK), as well as'; by master Igor Shtegman, Fyodor Stroganov (organ) I. Kashin (Violoncello) and others. - In 2010 she was chosen as the protagonist of the book "37 young Russian composers." -Her orchestral work "Bela" was performed by the combined orchestras of "Bolshoy" and "Maliy" theaters during the Moscow concert of classical music in June 2013.

-In november 2013 in collaboration with the Center of the Contemporary Music of Milan and the orchestra "I Pomeriggi musicali" as a part of the project " Archives of the music of the 21st century" the CD including her orchestral piece "Belà" was released. In november 2014 the CD with "Bela" was broadcast on radio Vatikan - Her composition “Dumka” take part of the choral music album dedicated to poetry of the ukrainian poet T. Shevchenko.

Other professional music experiences:

-In 2008 invited to join the Committee of the International Competition "Citta di Fasano" -In March 2009 again invited by maestro Domenico Colucci, president of the competition "Citta di Fasano, the director of the Academy of Music Don Matteo Colicci, to join the commission in the same competition. - Invited by Irene Elena Sansonetti, the president of the 'University of leisure "St. Francis of Assisi" (Fasano, Brindesi), to participate in the Intercultural Project "Who are the other" interviewed on the topic "Problems of Russia on the Threshold of the Third Millennium" and led the project "Image- Music-Dance of Russia."

Professional work experiences as a teacher - teacher of several musical disciplines (composition, piano, music literature, symphony conducting, music theory, chorus, harmony) -In 2013, in collaboration with the municipality of Mignanego (Genoa), she has founded the school of Music arts, where she took the position of the director and the lead (chief) teacher.

Awards: - diploma of honor of International music competition “Città di Fasano” (Italy) -license plate of the 'University of the Free Time "with deep gratitude and friendship."

Language skills: russian (native), italian (excellent), english (good).

Other Arts experiences: -As a poet and writer, my works are published on and others. (pseudonim – Jannet15v)