I am a portfolio musician, based in Yorkshire, England, doing composing, teaching, publishing, playing and directing, mostly early music as well as my own compositions.

I have interests in composing for traditional classical ensembles such as string quartet, orchestra and classical guitar but I also write modern music for lutes, recorders and viols. I had the good intention of writing some pedagogic studies for these instruments but this cannot happen now as I am too ill to play instruments.

The progressive disease I suffer from, (PMP), is now taking me over and I will not live long and so there is so much work I am going to leave unfinished.

Between about 1990 and 2011 I was one of the founder members of Alfredston Music, along with George and Rosemary Bate, which published Viol, Vocal and Recorder music. This publishing has now ceased but some of the material is being released on sites such as this one under creative commons licenses.