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My name is R├ęginald Hulhoven. I am living in Veltem-Beisem (Herent) near Louvain, Flemish Brabant, Belgium.

I am also since more than 50 years a Anton Bruckner fan. I am mainly interested in the first versions of his symphonic works, and the still little known Weltliche Chorwerke (secular-chorus works) and the works of the St. Florian period. I am taking advantage of my retirement to devote myself more intensely to it. I have a large discography of Bruckner's works. I have at least one recording of the works, in all the versions, for which at least one - commercial or private - recording is available. For this topic, I am in close contact with John F. Berky (orchestral works) and until recently with Hans Roelofs (other works). Hans has unfortunately stopped this activity because of health problems. I have also contacts with scholar William Carragan, especially for the different versions of the symphonies.

I have updated the existing pages on the composer biography and his works on Wikipedia, and created pages for the works which were not yet covered. All Bruckner's works are now covered by a page or a descriptive overview page. See: Wikipedia pages on Bruckner's compositions. The last pages, which I have created, describes the recently issued Kitzler-Studienbuch and retrieved lied Der Mondabend, which Bruckner composed in circa 1850 for his piano pupil Aloisia Bogner.