User:Mike Blackstock

gui-4 This user is a professional guitarist.
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Born: Ottawa, Canada
Current residence: Toronto, Canada


  • started music studies with father Everett at age of 6, beginning with the recorder and followed by the trumpet and, at age 12, the guitar
  • continued guitar studies at the University of Ottawa under Michael Strutt
  • acquired first computer in 1980 (Tandy Coco) and began computer sciences studies [self-teaching]


  • 30+ years performance experience, both solo and in chamber ensembles
  • in 1994, launched Amnesty International's first official website in partnership with the International Secretariat; served as the organization's website administrator until 2003
  • from 1996 until 2003, served as web developer and systems administrator for Ontario Internet Link, an early Canadian Internet Service Provider
  • 2003 - 2008: Linux systems administrator, Bynet Holdings Corp.
  • 2008 - currently: Self-employed
  • 20 years professional experience in all facets of Internet development, with a focus on back-end leveraging of Linux system utilities for custom web solutions


Bagatella (Suk, Josef)