Actually, “mirabilos”. Also on IRC on OFTC using similar nicknames (or “lynx” late at night when I might not respond well). I would like to become an IRC channel operator in order to help moderate it.

See also: Category:mirabilos

Most of my work contains a remark that it is published under the Ⓕ Copyfree terms of The MirOS Licence. Please click the preceding link to get to the exact licence terms. (In case of doubt: if the PDF itself provided by me does not include the licence body the requirement to reproduce it is waived in favour of retaining the copyright and licence annotation (usually in the footer); and, to publish on IMSLP and/or sometimes a CC licence has been selected; the recipient can then choose (“dual licencing”) under which licence to excercise their rights.)

I publish a lot of Free Music (open source sheet music) at my music/free website subdirectory. Some of it has been edited, though, and some is only a part of the respective IMSLP editions, so I cannot upload all of it here (or at or Mu͒ either).

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