This account was created for undergraduate and graduate piano pedagogy students at Mississippi College. By using IMSLP students will:

  • gain familiarity with a wide variety of pedagogical and performance literature
  • create accessible resources for piano teachers
  • become active participants and contributors to IMSLP and other important projects within their field of study

See the Mississippi College Piano Pedagogy category page for a complete list of recordings and scores created as class projects.



The List of Intermediate Piano Repertoire

  • 430 links to scores that may be used in teaching piano.

The List of Intermediate Piano Repertoire by Level

  • A sortable table of 918 links to scores leveled by using an average of widely-used leveling systems and syllabi

New Editions/Engravings

As much as possible, these new engravings are based on first edition or manuscript copies. The aim of these editions is to provide teachers and students with clean, legible copies of repertoire in the public domain.

Student Recordings

These recordings provide teachers and students with aural examples of scores found on IMSLP.