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Contributions: Fac-simile

J. Arcadelt: Il primo libro de madrigali, 1581 edition (Venezia, Gardane).

M. Corrette: 6 Sonatilles op. 19, (Paris: Boivin, early 17. c.).

F. Gaffurio: Practica musicae, third edition (Brescia 1502).

H. Glarean: Dodekachordon. first edition (Basel 1547).

J.B. Lully: Alceste, LWV 50, Philidor manuscript.

J.B. Lully: Ballet de muses, LWV 32, Philidor manuscript.

J.B. Lully: Le divertissement royal, LWV 42, Philidor manuscript.

J.B. Lully: Les fêtes de l'Amour et de Bacchus, LWV 42, Philidor manuscript.

J.B. Lully: Trios de la chambre, LWV 35, Philidor manuscript.

M. Mersenne: Harmonie Universelle, first edition (Paris, 1636-7).

F. Schwindl: 6 Sonatas for 2 flutes and B.c., op. 3, (Amsterdam, 1799).

G. Zarlino: Le Istitutioni harmoniche, first edition (Venezia, 1558).

G. Zarlino: Sopplimenti musicali, first edition (Venezia, 1588).


Contributions: Editions

J.D. Braun: 6 Sonates a 2 bassons.

G.B. Buonamente: Il Quarto Libro.

C. Guillet: 24 Fantasies à 4 parties.

C. de Rore: Tutti i madrigali a 4 voci.

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