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Hello, my name is MoldySoup, and I am a composer who enjoys composing in the Romantic style! I have played the piano since I was 6 and the violin starting at 8. I also maintain a small YouTube channel in which I share some obscure classical music.

Composer Work
Sor Mazurka for piano
Tolstoy Waltz in F Major (before or ca. 1849)
Ornstein Mother o' Mine, SO 706
Taki 2 Piano Pieces (ca. 1900)
Wiggins March Timpani
Borowski Valsette in G Major
Farwell Navajo War Dance No.2, Op.29
Alain Prélude and Fugue
Czerny Valse Sentimentale
Sullivan Felicita Waltz
Antheil Sonatina for Violin and Cello, W.138
Saar Suite, Op.27
Castelnuovo-Tedesco L'Infinito Op.22
Riegger Toccata
Fuleihan Not For Squares
Scaramuzzi Mazurkas
Rustamji 2 Album Leaves
Djabadary Georgian Rhapsody, Op.2
Djabadary Mazurka in G minor, Op.28
Djabadary Esperanza Op.12a
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