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About me

I started singing before I started speaking. That is to say, I started speaking rather late, but nonetheless: as far as vocal expression is concerned, singing came first. Growing up, I kept singing, all the time and increasingly well, so that finally, when that time came, naturally, I chose to study... computer science.

So, although singing is not my first profession, it is certainly my first love. As far as ability is concerned, I am as close to "on a professional level" as it gets, more so than some professionals that I have heard; as far as attitude is concerned, I am a professional. And I do earn money by singing, which summarily led me to conclude that the "yellow" skill indication would mirror reality most closely.

I love baroque music, and especially baroque vocal music - incidentally, and luckily for me, my voice is agile rather than big, so that's completely fine. There is, as you probably know, a vast repertoire of works that have never been so much as looked at again, after their performers and composers died. Some of them are only just being rediscovered.

Making even a tiny fraction of those works available to others, so that they may be studied and performed, is my motivation for contributing to IMSLP. My contributions will be largely based on what moves me most on recordings, as well as what I actually sing. And, as I find it excruciatingly exhausting to practise music from manuscripts, my contributions are typeset transcripts rather than manuscript scans.

If you wish to contact me, for any IMSLP-related reason, I will be happy if you leave me a message on my discussion page.

My transcripts


  • Erminia (A. Scarlatti, Serenata per 4 voci con vari strumenti per l'eccellentissimo Signor Principe di Stigliano ecc., Prima Parte) a.k.a. the monster project
  • Started with the Introduzione. I would estimate I'm about 1% done over all. Please don't hold your breath, unless you have exceptionally voluminous lungs... I might be a while.
  • Introduzione done! It wasn't all that bad, but I'm afraid things are going to change. In the beginning, all copyists do their best.
  • Erminia is about to deliver "her" first recitative and aria. I should probably read the libretto so that I could tell what it's all about.
  • Both done. About that libretto: as far as I understand, Erminia is running away from Tancredi, whom she also is in love with. (Why? I have no Idea). The setting is a forest, and of course poor Erminia is confused (well, obviously) and scared. I think the libretto is pretty good as far as singing the words is concerned
  • Another Recitative, and then a Sinfonia with a shepherd choir (oh, yes, of course! The shepherds!)
  • Also done. Reading all those different c clefs can be a bit of a mess.
  • Libretto-wise: Erminia hears shepherd music from afar and wonders who it might be. (Well, duh.). The shepherds at first sing about the beauty of the morning, and then about starting work, since the night is already over.
  • Recitative of Erminia and the Pastore
  • Recitative done. Overall progress estimated at about 15-17%.
  • Now we're getting somewhere in the plot. Erminia spies a cottage in the forest (where she is still running away from her beloved Tancredi -- it's opera seria, it doesn't have to be logical). In front of the cottage, there is an old man working, whom she approaches. The old man -- il Pastore -- is scared of her... wait, what? Oh. Apparently Erminia is in disguise as a warrior. Running away from her beloved Tancredi. In a forest. Apparently at night/in the wee hours. (I love opera seria)
  • Aria of the shepherd
  • Got the first few measures down. As far as manuscript editing is concerned, I've been a bit less than hard-working these past weeks, but now I've taken it up again...

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