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My name is Natan, it means “He gave”. Therefore I do attempt to give goodly unto others but foremost walk humbly with my God (for in reverse order, are these not like unto the Two Commandments? Reversed here as to say, that one should save the better wine until the end).

It seemed… If you hope to be heard and understood, often it isn’t enough to know of some high truths. I found that the higher I seemed to go into truth, the more sceptically the listeners seemed to treat me. Until it was almost as though they were possessed by very hurtful chastisers, whose ears seemed almost entirely incapable of hearing it. I wonder if this mystery had something to do with the Crucifixion? So instead of what seemed like talking to a wall… I (personally) went out to try to create evidence of high intelligence (as a form of self-defence). In my case, it meant to channel / write music, record it, make it heard and known. Also programming of some special software seemed favourable in the present time. But who knows how valuable that stuff truly is. God knows. God hears and sees it all, and will eventually reward you for your labours.

Music teacher called me "nat-dog", it made me to try harder to be a better musician, so maybe he would be happier with me. Though I learned slowly, eventually i became better... Thank you.

Thank you for your kindness, and have a happy day.