William Ford is an American violist and amateur composer. He is one of two winners of the 2015 Tennessee Valley Music FestivalYoung Composers' Forum, in which his piece, Admiration, for string orchestra was accepted and performed. Ford is currently a student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where he will be studying Engineering and Music Composition. Ford's favourite types of music include anything in the realm of classical music, as well as Dixieland and Bebop jazz and classic rock. He is an avid early music fan, particularly an aficionado of Renaissance and Baroque music. But his most favourite by far is that of today: contemporary classical music. His favourite composers include Arvo Pärt, John Adams, Philip Glass, Eric Whitacre, Ralph Vaughn Williams, and Gustav Holst.

Compositional Style

Ford draws much influence from the post-modern and contemporary periods of classical music. Influence from Vaughn Williams and Adams can be seen in his music. While he finds much of the more atonal music and what he considers "avant-garde" to be interesting, Ford prefers the more tonal approach to music. However, that does not mean that he does not utilise atonal methods, for he believes that, "music is expression; a combination of art and craft."

List of original compositions

  • Admiration, for string orchestra
  • Resilience, for chamber orchestra
  • Music in 8 parts (inspired by John Adams), for 8 parts
  • Song in Memory of Susan Moore, for string quartet
  • Victory March, for brass choir

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