Orchestration Online is an online community consisting of around 40,000 members on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon, led by professional composer, orchestrator, and educator Thomas Goss. Many resources and course studies on orchestration are available at the main website.

Free video courses, tips, and lectures are uploaded at the Orchestration Online Youtube Channel.

Please join the Orchestration Online Facebook Group group for discussion, advice, and direct feedback with a community of composers at every level of achievement, from beginners to professionals working at the highest level:

The Orchestration Online community is a strong supporter of IMSLP. Our group's motto is "Score-read, score-read, score-read!" Thanks to IMSLP, thousands of composers have been able to improve their skills as orchestrators and arrangers. Of all the resources that we use online, IMSLP is probably the one most recommended, posted, and visited. --Orchestrationonline 23:52, 30 October 2015 (EDT)