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Biography of Peggy Atherton for IMSLP June 5, 2020

Peggy Atherton received her musical training as a pianist first in Jamaica, then in Canada after her family emigrated to Canada in 1957. Following studies (including keyboard harmony) at Carleton University she became a member of CAMMAC, and served this organization in several administrative positions. Her suggestion that the CAMMAC Music Centre in Quebec devote one week each year to studies in Early Music was adopted in 1985. It became a popular choice and the Centre is recognized for the international calibre of its Early Music teaching staff and performers, and the high number of participants during this special week. Dr. Geneviève Soly, who teaches and performs at the Centre, through lectures and performances of Christoph Graupner’s keyboard works introduced participants to music by the this relatively unknown German composer. Peggy co-founded a summer string orchestra in Ottawa (Sinfonia Ottawa) in 1999. The influence of Dr. Soly led to the performance of several works by Graupner in its 2006 and 2007 concert programs. These works were transcribed from the original autographs by herself, with help from others, to produce scores and parts for the performers. She plays several instruments besides piano: vielle, viola-da-gamba, violone, double bass, and has built several instruments herself (rebec, vielle, pardessus-de-viole) at instrument building workshops held in Ottawa and Scarborough College, University of Toronto. She also founded a very small publishing company (Castenchel Editions) whose publications are deposited in the Library and Archives Canada collection. She is a librarian by training, and an amateur musician by choice.