J.S. Bach manuscript coverage

I helped improve coverage of J.S. Bach manuscripts on IMSLP, so far just for the Inventions and Sinfonias. Here is a list of these manuscripts that are available now, and those that might be of interest in the future.

Inventions and Sinfonias

Bach digital landing page

  • Already on IMSLP
  • Complete
  • Inventions only
  • Selections
  • Digital copies available
  • Complete
  • Inventions only
  • Sinfonias only
  • Selections
  • Wishlist (no known digital copies available)
  • Complete
  • Selections

Other tasks

  • Verify that all external links to SLUB scores are not broken. That is, they should be clickable and redirect successfully to a score (and not to the "404" page). To help automate this work, I'm using a Python script to detect the affected work pages using the mediawiki API, and I've configured the API requests to include "imslp-query/0.0.1 (User:Pnorcks)" in the user-agent header. Actual edits are made in-browser for now.
  • Out-of-scope:
  1. Verifying whether or not any SLUB score linked to is accurate.
  2. Adding a path component to an "empty" SLUB template (i.e. just transcluding the SLUB template without an argument). Empty templates might be intentional: They could be placeholders, or the referenced score might be available from SLUB but not yet digitized nor available online, and thus would not have a proper permalink for IMSLP.
  • (DONE) Upload first score, the Witvogel edition of Scarlatti's Essercizi per gravicembalo, which has an alternate title "XXX Sonate per il Clavicembalo solo" ("30 Sonatas for solo Harpsichord").
  • (DONE) Upload a few more editions from Witvogel discovered on SLUB Digital.
  • (DONE) Update the Witvogel publisher page to transclude the work list. Several more edits were made after seeing the overall state of that list.
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