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A short biography of the composer.

  • Richard Kearns was born in 1952 in North Gloucester Place, Sean Mc Dermott Street, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. He served an apprenticeship as a Goldsmith and studied part time at "The National College of art and Design. Most of his spare time was taken up with music. He was a member of several Choirs around Dublin.
  • He studied Classical guitar with Cecile Gormley and Composition, Harmony and Piano with Elizabeth Shure, daughter of Leonard Shure.[1]
  • He is best known for his varitions on works by Bach, Arcangelo Corelli, Rachmaninoff and Palestrina.

Original works include

  • [2] Piano Concerto No.1.
  • [3] The Banshee's Waltz.
  • [4] Guitar Concerto No.1.
  • [5] Variation on Bach's 5th Invention.
  • [6] Variation on a theme by Corelli.

  • The sheet music and recordings on some of Kearns' work is available free of charge at the link below.

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