Name: Rick Martinus Johannes van Veldhuizen

Date of birth: 07-04-1994 (4th July 1994)

Location: Haaren-North-Brabant-The Netherlands-Europe-Earth

Hobbys: Composing (see my compositions under 'Veldhuizen, Rick van'!), playing the piano, latin, greek, french, german, italian.

Hello, I'm Rick van Veldhuizen and I'm born on July 4, 1994, I'm 12 years old now, and am composing for a year. I am fairly proud of all I have done since then! I have written: 4 Rhapsodieën 'Royale', 'A La Romantique', 'In C Minor' and 'Un Divertimento all'Ungharese' 4 Préludes (In Gb, in A Mineur, in C and in E) 1 Orchestale Suite 'La Notte' in Eb (Incompleet) 1 Requiem in g# Mineur (Incompleet) 1 Polonaise in b Mineur 5 Walsen (In Cb, in Gb, in Db, in Ab en in Eb) 3 Marsen 'Millitaire', 'Arabique', 'Festivale' 2 Sonate (in E Mineur and in Eb (Incompleet)) 1 Rondo (in F Mineur) 1 Suite for Piano 'Fantasia Romana', in G# Mineur 1 Synfonietta (in D) 1 Album voor Klavecimbel (incompleet) 1 Strijkkwartet (in d Mineur) 1 Serenade voor Strijkers en Fluit (in A Mineur) It is only pity, because this site don't agree with posting my compositions, because I am not copyrighted or anything like that. But now I want to agree with all, to permit my compositions on this site. Composers Agreement. Signed Rick Martinus Johannes van Veldhuizen

For contact: Adress: Haarendijk 3a Postal Code:5076TL City:Haaren Province:North-Brabant Country: The Neatherlands