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"A few weeks ago I appeared before the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace, and when I arrived there I played selections from Il Trovatore, Carmen, Faust and The Bohemian Girl. The next morning I received a telegram from the King's secretary, which naturally I'm very proud of. I'll shall like to read to you from the telegram: After hearing your performance the King, Queen and the Royal Family would be delighted if you go down to Windsor and play the piano while they are staying at Buckingham Palace!"

Sam Mayo (1881-1938)

Ross Duncan Boyle

British pianist, who has been playing for around a decade.
I am accompanied with an avid interest in Victorian/Edwardian/1930s music hall songs.
My specific interest is humorous songs (society entertainer/drawing room comic song/buffo song).

I aim to improve the representation of these songs on IMSLP.
This has improved a lot in recent years, but still needs work.
These humorist songs are great little numbers, so should be freely preserved for new generations.

Special thanks to User:Phillip21 for fixing my scores at the beginning
and guiding me on how to upload files.

I scan everything music-wise in 1200 DPI. The quality is beautiful and also means it is verstaile.
You can compress it a large scan, but you can't do the other way round and upscale!
With Victorian scores, their sizes (13 x 10 inches) are bigger than the scanner I use (A4).
To combat this, I scan each page in half. The top and then the bottom as separate files rather than an individual scan where important space is lost.
I then combine each half in Paint.Net, and clean up anything necessary during editing. PaperPort then makes the final PDF, as well as a compressed copy for ease of access.
It's not the easiest nor quickest, but it's satisfying and fulfilling when it's done.

Many contributors, when they are adding a composer to IMSLP, will list the composer's full name.
An example being Thomas Case Sterndale Bennett instead of T. C. Sterndale Bennett. I however use the common name of the composer at the time.
If there are two versions on newspaper programs, I will go with the name listed on the score.
I use their common name means that people can find them easily and for historical accuracy. I feel there is little reason not to use their common name.
I'm writing this as I will sometimes change composer entries to their common name instead

I compile many old songs into Sibelius, whether that be quality issues with scans or any other problem. It says Creative Commons 4.
You are more than welcome to use those scores as you like (composer's copyright still applies if applicable).
Just a little footnote or credit to me would be great.
They aren't the quickest or easiest thing to make.
I'll be forever grateful that someone is using them.
Thank you so much.

Over time I have acquired many sheet music and books that utilise the composer's face on front covers.
I scan these at 1200 DPI (just like my personal collection). The quality is amazing and publishable quality.
Since it's derivate copyright because I scanned them, you are absolutely free to use them how you pleased. I encourage you to use them!
The more high quality pictures of forgotten composers the better.
It seems that IMSLP compresses them, so if you want the highest quality photos, just message me and I'll be happy to assist.
Same goes with individual photos of my personal collection of scores for research and study.