Hi! I'm Rynokey237 and I'm pretty new to the site. I joined because it's a great idea and I like downloading the music on here so I thought I might need to help put some on...and i like talking about talk to me about music!!! I like sounstrack music the most :)!!! My favorite classical composer is either Vivaldi (for the Four Seasons) or Tchaikovsky (because he writes kool music lol). *Thank you and goodnight!*

More about me haha

I play saxophone (alto and soprano- well- all of them since they're pretty much the same!) and I can (hardly) play the piano since so far I'm self taught. I want to learn guitar but who knows if I'll get to that haha. I am also a (very very very very very very...) novice composer. Anyone that can help me improve on my composing skills please give me some suggestions! *Thank you and goodmorning(?)!*

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