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The IMSLP star is hereby awarded to you for your outstanding performance editions!

I am producing typesets for actual use, rather than reproducing them as accurately as possible to the usual inconsistent first editions. I do not have a dedicated proofreader so if you find any mistakes please contact me.
E-mail: info {at} dumont-music {dot} nl

  • = transposed brass parts done (where applicable)


(Heinrich Baermann Polonaise Op.26 already done by other editor)

In progress:


Apart from this I'm working on various symphonies from a number of composers:
Louis Spohr - 9 symphonies
Anton Rubinstein - Symphony nos. 1-5
Franz Berwald - Symphonies 1-4

In progress:

Felix Weingartner - 6 symphonies (1,2 and 4 available as source)
Friedrich Witt - Symphonies, several on IMSLP as first edition scores/manuscripts
Friedrich Gernsheim - Symphonies 1-4 (scores on IMSLP)
Karlowicz - Symphony in E

Most of these works exist on IMSLP only as first edition score and/or parts and generally are not available in modern editions. I work to provide useful modern editions (with bar numbering, rehearsal marks and in modern notation).

Rubinstein Symphony 6 (can't find a score, seems to be in manuscript in Sonderhausen?)
Spohr Clarinet concertos 3 and 4 - seem to be only available in a reconstructed version through Breitkopf, original version only exist in manuscript at Spohr Museum?