Hi! My name is Ivan Demchenko. Am trumpet player, arranger for winds and brass. I post rare wind scores that are not yet available on IMSLP, so I want to make rare music more accessible to players.

Check out my Arranger page for more of my arrangements


My contribution:

  1. Original 1901 year Complete Score of Chant du ménestrel, Op.71 by Aleksandr Glazunov for symphony orchestra:
  2. Festmusik der Stadt Wien, TrV 286 by Richard Strauss for brass band:,_TrV_286_(Strauss,_Richard)
  3. First edition (S. Richault -1845) 8 Nocturnes, Op. 368 by Carl Czerny for piano:

Scans of most rare pieces for Brass and Winds by:

Oskar Böhmeöhme%2C_Oskar:

complete set of parts transposed in to f minor for performance on Bb trumpet and Orchestra
transposed to F minor by Franz Herbst (,_Franz) for performance on Bb trumpet and Piano

Joseph Edouard Barat

Orientale for Cornet or Trumpet and Piano

Henri Tomasi

Trumpet in B♭solo Part

Gustav Cords,_Gustav

Johann Baptist Georg Neruda,_Johann_Baptist_Georg

Vasily Vurm Trumpet studies books,_Vasily


Alexander Gedike,_Aleksandr

  • Trumpet Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra or piano

Trumpet Solo in B♭Part

Hoch, Theodore,_Theodore

Original Cornet Solo Part

Carl Fisher edition Solo Cornet Part

Zimmermann, Bernd Alois,_Bernd_Alois

  • Nobody knows de trouble I see (Trumpet concerto) for Trumpet and Orchestra (most popular piece of this composer)
Version for Trumpet and Piano

Brandt, Karl Wilhelm/Vassily Brandt,_Karl_Wilhelm

Clarke, Herbert Lincoln,_Herbert_Lincoln

Piano score

Joseph Haydn,_Joseph

→Piano score

Théo Charlieréo

Herman Bellstedt,_Herman

Jules Pennequin,_Jules

Victor Ewald,_Victor