Born in 1952 and educated in Gdansk, Poland; immigrated to Canada in 1982; composer, arranger and orchestrator.

My interest range from philosophy and science to music and computers, particularly computers used as tools in music creation and arrangement.

My goal is to recreate those pieces of music rarely (or not at all) performed which otherwise would remain unknown to the hearing world; pieces which, perhaps, are not masterpieces comparable with the Great Ones but nevertheless deserving to be rediscovered and heard.

And thus my already accomplished task includes, among others, recreation of music of "La statue," opera by Ernest Reyer (so far never performed in concert or on stage since 1903), now available, in synthetic form, and presented freely here. No other opera in full length was ever arranged, to my knowledge, the same or even similar way. If you would like to hear it in full orchestral timbre and colour (my own orchestration!) in the first high CD-quality recording of the music of that opera, I highly recommend you to obtain appropriate disks at You can also listen to selected excerpts from that recording while watching slide-movie at YouTube.

Voytek Gagalka