User:Walter Gatti

He graduated in musical disciplines, specializing in Harpsichord under the guide of Andrea Coen and Francesca Lanfranco, in Organ and Organ Composition with Massimo Nosetti and in Choral Music and Choir Direction with Sergio Pasteris at the Conservatoires “Antonio Vivaldi” in Alessandria and “Giuseppe Verdi” in Torino. Under the guide of Paolo Tonini Bossi he has also graduated, at “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatoire in Torino, a second level specialized degree in Choral Music and Choir Direction with an award in studies by EDISU. He studied Choir Direction with Sebastian Korn and Dario Tabbia and Composition with Riccardo Piacentini. He improved in Organ with Letizia Romiti, Reinhard Jaud, Enzo Corti, Christopher Kent, Jean-Claude Zehnder, Rèné Saorgin. Diploma with merit at the VI edition of Torneo Internazionale di Musica, organ section and special rendering award “Paola Bernardi” at the IV harpsichord performance competition “Gianni Gambi” in Pesaro. Second classified at the I competition “Lonfat – Stalder” in Finhaut, Switzerland. Since 1988 he performs regular concerts both as soloist and as accompanist for choirs, soloists and orchestras in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland, Spain,Switzerland and Italy, playing for important festivals and on prestigious stages. In 1995 he was the official organ player at the Protestant church in Reconvilier Chaindon (Jura, Switzerland). From 1988 to 2002 he was organist for the Waldesian church in Luserna San Giovanni and from 2006 to 2010 was regular organist for the Waldesian Temple of Torre Pellice. Choirs, organ, harpsichord and piano composer, most of his works were published in Italy (Musica Practica, Torino), in Germany (Andreas Goldbach, St. Ingbert) and in Switzerland (Editions Schola Cantorum, Fléurier). The University of Bamberg, in 2005, asked him to create an organ and orchestra fantasia on Veni Creator Spiritus, in 2007 a Stabat Mater and in 2010 some Variations for cello and orchestra. For the ensemble Musici Errantes he has written in music on commission the fairy tale Lo Stralisco by Roberto Piumini. From 1991 to 2009 he directed many choral and orchestral groups. Since 2010 he is director of the historic Turin Waldesian Choir. He contributed, as organ player and composer, with different vocal and instrumental teams, among which the orchestra and choir of the University of Bamberg (Germany), as organ player and choir director of the orchestra Adoramus (Londra) and with the “Roberto Goitre” choir (Torino). He has also to his credits collaborations with Teatro Regio (Torino) and RAI. Currently he teaches organ, organ composition and harpsichord at Civico Istituto Musicale “Arcangelo Corelli” (Pinerolo), organ, musical theory at Scuola Intercomunale della Val Pellice (Luserna San Giovanni). He is teacher of organ, choir direction and choral composition at Scuola Diocesana di Musica Sacra (Pinerolo). He is organist and the person in charge for music at the Waldesian Temple of Torino, dealing with the direction of the Waldesian choir and of organ concerts. Since 2010 he is the director of Accademia Organistica Pinerolese.