ob-3 This user is an advanced oboist.

I'm a Dutch-speaking man from Belgium (yes, that little country north of France :). Today (2009) I'm 61 years old and since very young I was passionated by classic music. I studied the oboe, but not professionally. Also during years I could spend days on the piano trying to play the Wohltemperierte Klavier I & II of Bach. I'm also very interested in contemporary music and I admire the music of Rihm, Ferneyhough, Dusapin, Carter, Brewaeys, ... I work in a medical centre. Since 3 years half-time. This makes that now I've more free time to spend on my passion : classic music. I also started and maintain a website on Cypriano De Rore, a Renaissance composer (1515/16 - 1565) :".


2009-03-17 : Today I did my first upload on this fantastic site. And - oups - it worked. I uploaded a little suite for piano, written by Flor Alpaerts for his son. I found the score by accident. I'm not completely sure it's in Public Domain, but no creation date neither publishing date is found. The score seems quite old.