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Hello Gerald,
welcome to IMSLP. Thanks a lot for translating the main page and the others!! The link to the Indonesian version Halaman Utama is now available on the main pages as "Bahasa Indonesia". With "copyright made simple" and "Quick Guide to Score Submission" you've already translated the second most important pages. If you want to continue I would recommend to translate step by step the other pages which are linked from the main page (e.g. the Contributor Portal). If you have any questions you can ask me or any of the other admins. Thanks and Regards, Hobbypianist 19:10, 28 December 2011 (UTC)

Hallo Hobbypianist, Thank you for the warm welcome! Yes I shall continue. I am aiming to translate 'About Us' and other important pages, and start on 'Public Domain' step by step, because simply it is too long. I would like to ask a question. If users change their language to Bahasa Indonesia, would they be able to see my page in Bahasa Indonesia? Or do I have to add a special code or tag to my page? Grüße, GerrSim 03:39, 29 December 2011 (UTC)

Hello Gerald, if you change the language via sidebar to Bahasa Indonesia, several headings are displayed in Indonesian by Mediawiki automatically. I've added the Indonesian main page, so if you change the language and click on the first link in the sidebar you'll reach your new page. Same for the site support. Once you've translated the others pages I can add new mediawiki texts.
Some pages don't have versions for each language but use the #iflang instead, like Category:Composers. I've added for one text as an example|id=..... and linked one new page. You can translate the remaining English text inside. Please see: for each |en=, |de=, etc. you can add a |id= and insert the Indonesian version/text/links.
There's now a new category Category:Translations id which shows all the new pages. You get them categorized by adding the Template {{AutoOldtrans
|Base Page=<here give the name of the English base page>
|Base Revision=<version id of the page>
|Language Code=id
on each page. Hobbypianist 12:33, 29 December 2011 (UTC)