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Editio Musica Budapest (EMB) is the Hungarian music publisher formerly known as the Hungarian State Music Publisher.

This state-owned firm was installed by the communist government on July 1st 1950 under the name of Zeneműkiadó Vállalat by liquidation of most private music publishers, such as Rózsavölgyi & Co., Magyar Kórus Publishers, Nádor, Csárdás, etc. In 1953 the name was changed into Editio Musica Budapest and cooperations with international music publishers began. In 1994 the firm was privatised again, renamed as Editio Musica Budapest Zeneműkiadó KFT. It was subsequently sold to Ricordi and ultimately absorbed by Bertelsmann (BMG). In 2004, BMG sold EMB to Universal Music Publishing Group.

EMB is well known for its Neue Liszt-Ausgabe.

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Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


Interpretation of imprint often found on the last page:

Z.7752/6 = plate number/edition
(4,3 A/5 ív) = size/dimension
2005/020 = printing date/registering number of the printing house

  • 1950-1953 - Zeneműkiadó Vállalat
  • 1953-present - Editio Musica Budapest
  • Note: Zeneműkiadó sometimes appears as an imprint on later scores as well. So the same score might have both Editio Musica and Zeneműkiadó (it seems; or at least, different libraries might list the same, e.g. 1967-first-published, score, one as Editio Musica, one as Zeneműkiadó.)

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
Z.01032 Kadosa, P. String Quartet No.2, Op.25 (sc) 1957
Z.01038 Kadosa, P. Piano Concerto No.3, Op.47 (fs) 1958
Z.02955 Kadosa, P. String Quartet No.3, Op.52 (sc) 1959
Z.03661 Kadosa, P. Violin Concerto No.2, Op.32 (min.sc, ed.110) 1962
Z.03665 Kadosa, P. 2-Piano Sonata, Op.37 1962
Z.03938 Kadosa, P. Symphony No.5, Op.55 (fs) 1962
Z.04186 Kosa, G. Symphony No.8 (fs) 1965
Z.04643 Kurtág, G. Jelek, Op.5 1965
Z.04681 Kosa, G. String Quartet No.6 (fs) 1967
Z.05399 Kadosa, P. Symphony No.6, Op.62 (min.sc) 1969
Z.05486 Lendvay, K. 4 Duetti for flute & piano (sc&pt) 1968
Z.05520 Kadosa, P. Symphony No.3, Op.50 (sc.) 1970
Z.05625 Kadosa, P. Viola Concertino, Op.27 (arr.) 1968
Z.05992 Kadosa, P. Symphony No.7, Op.64 (min.s) 1969
Z.06437 Dufay Missa l'Homme Armé 1970
Z.06740 Vivaldi Oboe Concerto in C major, RV 447 1973
Z.07274 Kosa, G. String Quartet No.8 (fs) 1974
Z.08598 Kosa, G. Karinthy Kantáta (score) 1981
Z.10062 Lendvay, K. Violin Concerto No.1 (1961-2) (fs) 1967
Z.10135 Kadosa, P. Symphony No.8, Op.66 (fs) 1972
Z.10139 Kadosa, P. Viola Concertino, Op.27 (fs) 1967
Z.12015 Kosa, G. Todesfuge/Halálfuga (sc) 1981
Z.13104 Sauer Etude-Galop (reprint of Rószavölgyi issue) 1986
Z.13499 Lendvay, K. Tiszteletem Mr. Goodman! 1988
Z.13505 Kurtág, G. Kafka-fragmente, Op.24 (sc&pts) 1992
Z.13742 Kurtág, G. --Quasi una fantasia--, Op.27 (sc) 1989
Z.40128 Kurtág, G. String Quartet, Op.1 (reprint sc.) 1999

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