Ludus Tonalis (Hindemith, Paul)

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PDF scanned by Unknown
Madcapellan (2014/1/5)

Editor First edition
Publisher. Info. New York: Associated Music Publishers, Inc., 1943. Plate A.S.19431-60
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General Information

Work Title Ludus Tonalis
Alternative. Title Studies in Counterpoint, Tonal Organisation & Piano Playing
Composer Hindemith, Paul
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 25 pieces (Prelude, 12 fugues, 11 interludes, Postlude)
  1. Praeludium
  2. Fuga prima in C: Slow
  3. Interludium: Moderate, with energy
  4. Fuga secunda in G: Gay
  5. Interludium: Pastorale, moderate
  6. Fuga tertia in F: Andante
  7. Interludium: Scherzando
  8. Fuga quarta in A: With energy
  9. Interludium: Fast
  10. Fuga quinta in E: Fast
  11. Interludium: Moderate
  12. Fuga sexta in E: Quiet
  13. Interludium: March
  14. Fuga septima in A: Moderate
  15. Interludium: Very broad
  16. Fuga octava in D: With strength
  17. Interludium: Very fast
  18. Fuga nona in B: Moderate
  19. Interludium: Very quiet
  20. Fuga decima in D: Moderately fast
  21. Interludium: Allegro pesante
  22. Fuga undecima in B (Canon): Slow
  23. Interludium: Valse
  24. Fuga duodecima in F: Very quiet
  25. Postludium: Solemn, broad
Year/Date of CompositionY/D of Comp. 1942 August-October
First Performance. 1944-02-15 in Chicago
Willard McGregor (piano)
First Publication. 1943 - New York: Associated Music
Average DurationAvg. Duration 60 minutes
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Modern
Piece Style Modern
Instrumentation Piano
External Links Hindemith Foundation
Wikipedia article

Misc. Comments

  • The AMP and Wiener Urtext editions emplay Hindemith's own tempo and dynamic indications, which are largely in English. The Schott edition utilizes the AMP plates, but replaces the English indications with Italian ones. Hindemith illustrated a copy of the AMP edition for his wife for her birthday in 1950, a facsimile of which was published under the title Ludi leonum: ED 8200 (BSS 48208), 1994. Praeludium and Postludium composed simultaneously. The first version of the fugue in B is reproduced as an appendix in SW (Sämtliche Werke)
-Paul Hindemith: A Research and Information Guide