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The name Urbánek refers to two different publishing houses, the managers of which were family members. In 1872 František Augustin Urbánek established his publishing firm in Prague, which changed name to F.A. Urbánek a synové in 1913 when his sons Frantisek and Vladimir became partners. The firm was nationalised in 1949 (see Supraphon).

Mojmír Urbánek, a son of František, started his own music publishing firm in 1900, bearing the same fate of his father's firm in 1949.

Plate Numbers

F.A. Urbánek and Sons

Plate Composer Work Year
40 Fibich Piano Quartet, Op.11 1882
U.0005 Smetana Má Vlast (piano 4h trans. of Vltava)
U.0067 Smetana Má Vlast (piano trans. of Vltava) 1934
U.0284 Chvála String Quartet in D minor (parts) 1886
U.0473 Neruda Cello Concerto No.2, Op.59 (cello/piano red.) 1889
U.0489 Nešvera 2 Nocturnes, Op.29 (1889?)
U.0730 Smetana Prodaná nevěsta [1880]
U.0745 Chvála Volkstänze im Kammerstil (parts) 1894
U.0770 Fibich Jarní paprsky, Op.36 1894
U.0781? Nešvera Ricordanza, Op.97 (sc&pt) 1903
U.0853 Suk Piano Pieces, Op.7 (Maxian edition) 1920
U.0875 Nedbal 4 Piano Pieces, Op.8 1894
U.0903 Fibich Quintet, Op.42 [1896]
U.0971 Fibich 4 Ballades, Op.7 [187x]
U.1177 Novák Bagatellen, Op.5 [1900]
U.1187 Novák Piano Trio No.1, Op.1 [1900]
U.1204 Novák My May, Op.20 (ed. Rauch) 1948
U.1526 Fibich Piano Trio in F minor 1908
U.2053 Suk Piano Pieces, Op.7 (no.1, arr.vn/pf by Kocian) 1948

Mojmír Urbánek

Plate Composer Work Year
M.U. 41 Ondříček Scherzo Capriccioso, Op.18 [1900]
M.U. 119 Novák Slovak Suite, Op.32 1911
M.U. 197 Foerster, J.B. Cello Sonata, Op.45 1905
M.U. 452 Slavik Violin Concerto No.1 1906
M.U. 964–967 Fibich Moods, Impressions, and Souvenirs, Op.44 [1900]
M.U. 1100 Smetana Czech Dances II 1918
M.U. 1367 Suk Vesnická serenáda 1922
M.U. 1387/1421 Smetana Czech Dances I, JB 1:107 (full score) 1923
M.U. 1387/1422 Smetana Czech Dances I, JB 1:107 (no.3 full score) 1923

Authority Results

  • VIAF (Fr. A. Urbánek (Praga))
  • VIAF (Fr. A. Urbánek (nakladatelství))
  • VIAF (Nakladatelství Mojmíra Urbánka)
  • VIAF (Nakladeltství Fr. A. Urbánek (Prag))
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