18 Basses dances (Attaingnant, Pierre)



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Stefan Apke (2023/4/15)

Publisher. Info. Paris: Pierre Attaignant, 1529.
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Arrangements and Transcriptions

For Guitar (Goldau)

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NBG (2016/8/13)

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NBG (2016/8/13)

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NBG (2016/8/13)

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Arranger Bernd Goldau
Publisher. Info. Bernd Goldau
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General Information

Work Title Dixhuit basses dances
Alternative. Title Dixhuit basses dances garnies de Recoupes et Tordions / auec dixneuf Branles / quatre que Sauterelles que Haulberroys / quinze Gaillardes / & neuf Pauennes / de la plus grant part desquelles le subiect est en musique. Le tout reduyt en la tabulature du Lutz nouvellement imprime a Paris par Pierre Attaingnant ...
Composer Attaingnant, Pierre
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 91 items
  1. La magdalena. Basse dance. P.B., f.1v
  2. [Recoupe]​, f.1v
  3. [Tordion]​, f.2r
  4. Puisque deux cueurs. Basse dance. P.B., f.2v
  5. Basse dance. P.B., f.3r
  6. La brosse. Basse dance. P.B., f.3v
  7. [Recoupe], f.4r
  8. [Tordion], f.4r
  9. Le cueur est bon. Basse dance, f.4v
  10. Lespoir. B.S., f.5r
  11. Foues basse dance, f.5v
  12. La roque. P.B., f.6r
  13. Basse dance. Le corps sen va. P.B., f.6v
  14. Tous mes amys. Basse dance. P.B., f.7r
  15. Subiectum, f.7v
  16. Sansserre. Basse dance, f.8r
  17. Cueur angoisseur. Basse dance. P.B., f.8v
  18. Basse dance. S.roch, f.9r
  19. Recoupe, f.9v
  20. Tordion, f.10r
  21. Basse dance de lespine, f.10v
  22. Recoupe, f. 11r
  23. Tordion, f.11v
  24. Basse dance, f.11v
  25. Recoupe, f.12v
  26. Tordion, f.13r
  27. Basse dance, f.13v
  28. Recoupe, f.14r
  29. Tordion, f.14v
  30. Branle gay, f.15r
  31. Branle gay, f.15v
  32. Branle, f.16r
  33. Branle gay. Cest mon amy, f.16v
  34. Branle, f.17r
  35. Branle gay, f.17v
  36. Branle gay, f.18r
  37. Haulberroys, f.18v
  38. Haulberroys, f.19r
  39. B. Poictou, f.19r
  40. Branle Poictou, f.19v
  41. B. Poictou, f.19v
  42. B. Poictou, f.20r
  43. Branle, f.20v
  44. Branle Nicolas mon beau frere, f.21r
  45. Gaillarde, f.21v
  46. B. Poictou, f.21v
  47. Gaillarde, f.22r
  48. Branle gay, f.22v
  49. B. allez dire a c. danboyse, f.22v
  50. Branle gay, f.23r
  51. Sauterelle, f.23v
  52. Gaillarde, f.24r
  53. Branle. Sil est a ma poste, f.24v
  54. Pauane, f.25r
  55. Basse dance Patience, f.25v
  56. Recoupe, f.25v
  57. Tordion, f.26r
  58. Pauane, f.26v
  59. Basse dance. Beure frais, f.27v
  60. Recoupe, f.27v
  61. Tordion, f.28r
  62. Pauane, f.28v
  63. Sauterelle, f.29r
  64. Gaillarde, f.29v
  65. Pauane, f.30r
  66. Gaillarde, f.30v
  67. Gaillarde, f.30v
  68. Gaillarde, f.31r
  69. Basse dance. Verdurant, f.31v
  70. Recoupe, f.31v
  71. Tordion, f.32r
  72. Gaillarde, f.32v
  73. Pauane, f.33r
  74. Gaillarde. P.B., f.33v
  75. Subiectum, f.34r
  76. Balle, f.34v
  77. Pauane. P.B., f.35r
  78. Gaillarde. P.B., f.35v
  79. Subiectum, f.36r
  80. Pauane. P.B., f.36v
  81. Pauane. Blondeau, f.37r
  82. Gaillarde. P.B., f.37v
  83. Subiectum, f.37v
  84. Gaillarde, f.38r, [​P.B.​?​]
  85. Subiectum, f.38r
  86. Pauane. P.B., f.38v
  87. Gaillarde, f.39r, [​P.B.​] see f.35v
  88. Gaillarde. P.B., f.39v
  89. Subiectum, f.40r
  90. La Rote de Rode, f.40v
  91. Subiectum, f.40v
First Publication. 1529 in Paris
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Renaissance
Piece Style Renaissance
Instrumentation lute
Extra Information
  • Despite being tagged from 1530, in the database for lute instruments from Peter Steur and Markus Lutz there is a listing with incipits that seems to have the same content as the one from the monograph here which is definitively from 1529. They have listed some concordances.
  • "P.B." and "Blondeau" can be seen as Pierre Blondeau (c.14xx-c.15xx), compare the suggestion from the musicologist Daniel Heartz (1928-2019) in his Preludes, chansons and dances for lute published by Pierre Attaingnant, Paris (1529-1530).
  • Sarge Gerbode has made new lute tablatures. He added another piece to Pierre Blondeau.