A.J. Gutmann

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Albert J. Gutmann set up the firm in Vienna in 1874, publishing domestic music: dances, songs, male choir works, and piano pieces. Composers included Algernon Ashton, Emanuel Moór, Mathilde Kralik (songs), and string works by Leopold Alexander Zellner, Alfred Grünfeld, Ignaz Brüll, and Stern. An exception to these genres was Anton Bruckner's 4th and 7th Symphonies in full score, parts, and several different piano arrangements, and likewise Frederic Hymen Cowen's 3rd symphony, for example.

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  • J. Gutmann
  • A.J. Gutmann
  • Albert J. Gutmann
  • Albert Gutmann
  • Verlag Gutmann


  • Vienna/Wien

Plate Numbers

  • Gutmann's plate numbers are of the format of A.J.G. ####. Dates in italics are estimated.
Plate Composer Work Year
96 Grünfeld Traumesdämmerung 1879
138 Kralik Violin Sonata 1879
176 Doppler Aus der Heimat, Op.39 1879
415 Reinhold Intermezzo scherzoso, Op.29 (red.) 1881
428 Reinhold Intermezzo scherzoso, Op.29 1882
437 Cowen Symphony No.3 'The Scandinavian' (arr. pf4h) 1882
450 Brüll Suite for Violin and Piano, Op.42
457 Grünfeld Danse espagnole, Op.19 1879
461 Reinhold Nocturne, Wiegenlied, Barcarole, Op.34
492 Wieninger Röslein, wann blühst du auf, Op.19
500 Bruckner String Quintet, WAB 112 (full score) 1884
527 Olsen 3 Lieder 1885
576 Bruckner Symphony No.7 in E major, WAB 107 (1885 version) 1885
629 Grünfeld 5 Lieder, Op.28 1886
652 Schytte Piano Sonata, Op.53 1886
663 Reinhold Ständchen 1886
701 Grünfeld Kleine Serenade 1889
1014 Litta Spiel und Tanz eines Besessenen

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