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A. Michaelis operated briefly in 1888 in Leipzig. It was probably founded by Alfred Michaelis (1854—1914) a composer and writer of theoretical books. It published works by Michaelis, Wilhelm Rudnick (1850—1927) and several women composers such as Charlotte Sporleder and Josephine Lang (1815—1880). In fact Michaelis himself wrote a dictionary of women composers: Frauen als schaffende Tonkünstler. Ein biographisches Lexikon (Monatsbericht (1888), p.512)
From 1889 Alfred Michaelis found other publishers for his works: Hofmeister, Merseburger, and Siegismund & Volkening.
Presumably not related to a Berlin music engraver named A. Michaelis, active 1844.


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Michaelis' plate numbers appear in the following format: A.M. ##. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
13 Lang Deutscher Sieges-Marsch, Op.48 1888
14 Lang 2 Mazurkas, Op.49 1888
15 Lang In der Dämmerung, Op.50 1888

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