Albert Stahl

Stahl-Schirmer cover 1914
Stahl-Gebethner and Wolff cover 1911



This short-lived but cosmopolitan company functioned in Berlin from 1898 until about 1930. It published works by many contemporary composers, such as Kelley, Ayres, Różycki, Szymanowski, Grädener, and Kahn. It co-operated with Schirmer of New York and Gebethner and Wolff of Warsaw.


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Plate Numbers

Approximate dates should be in a standard format, say italics. Except for the Różycki and Fitelberg sonatas, the plates have A. #### S. format. (Since the Różycki is "out of order", this may mean the plate belongs to a copublisher and not to Stahl.)

Plate Composer Work Year
0009 Fitelberg Violin Sonata No.2, Op.12 (sc&pt) 1905
0031 Opieński Thème varié, Op.11 1911
0043 Różycki Cello Sonata, Op.10 (sc&pt) 1912
0101 Kullak Lilien 1900
0342-48 Kahn 7 Lieder aus 'Jungbrunnen' von Paul Heyse, Op.46 (sc&pts) 1906
0400 Kelley Piano Quintet, Op.20 1907
0433 Grädener Cello Concerto No.1, Op.45 (cello/piano arr.) 1908
0442 Hollaender Ländler, Op.64 (5th ed.) 1908
0538 Feltzer 2 Stücke, Op.3 (no.1) 1909
0551 Feltzer 2 Stücke, Op.3 (no.2) 1909
0675 Bittner 2 Lieder (No.2) 1911
0857 Ayres Violin Sonata, Op.15 (sc&pt) 1915
0947 Kahn Gesänge, Op.68 (no.1, Abendlied) 1920
1043 Grasse Organ Sonata No.1, Op.36 1926
1044 Grasse Organ Sonata No.3, Op.48 1926

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