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This Parisian firm published music for wind band (fanfare and harmonie), solo wind instruments and piano from 1902 to 1954. It was founded by the cornettist and popular music composer Fernand Andrieu (1863-1935) and his brother Gaston (1860-1915), who had run his own publishing firm from 1885. Typical composers were Marcel Lacoste (d.1922) Marc Delmas (1885—1931) Leonard Gautier (d.1935) and Fernand Andrieu (1863-1935). In the 1930s Andrieu frères also sold clarinets and saxophones. The current Andrieu frères is a vignoble near Toulouse.

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  • 72 rue Rodier Paris 9

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Plate Composer Work Year
1344 Andrieu Plaisirs d'été, Op.254 1912
1412 Delmas Choral et variations, Op.37 1914
2000 Niverd Pièce romantique, for clarinet & piano 1927
5070 Delmas Promenade 1930s
5425 Delmas Complainte et air de ballet, for oboe & piano 1938

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