typical cover 1924
typical cover 1927
Gems series cover 1937



Banks of York, England, published popular sheet music, mainly for piano, from 1911 until the 1980s. Geo H Farnell arranged many works for piano with optional violin and cello. There was a Gems series of easy piano arrangement albums, many of which were edited by Gustav Mendel. It was probably related to Banks Music House which published similar items in nearby Leeds. There was also a Banks of London from 1890.

Banks operated retail shops in Leeds and York, and has run Banks Music Room an online store with a physical shop in York since 1996. Banks Music Publications, specializing in choral music, has functioned since 1972.


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Banks & Son
  • Banks Music Publications
  • Banks Music House


Plate Numbers

Banks' plate numbers appear to have been issued in a fairly regular chronological fashion. BE ## Dates in parentheses are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
95 Elliott My Garden of Dreams 1924
127 Mullen Wanderlust 1927

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