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Carl Gottlob Beck (1733-1802) founded this company in Nördlingen, Swabia, in 1763. At first it was a printing works, then a bookshop and finally a publisher. The current name C.H. Beck comes from Carl Gottlob's son Carl Heinrich Beck (1762-1834). The catalog included books on Medicine, Science, Business, Education and Religion, and in the mid 19th century the company published many song books, both sacred and secular.

Oscar Beck supervised the move from Nördlingen to Munich in 1889, at which time the printing division stayed in Nördlingen. From that time the publishing division has specialized in two main areas, law and literature. The literature department had a major success in the 1920s with the 1st world war novel Der Wanderer zwischen beiden Welten by Walter Flex. Both the publishing and printing divisions are still active.


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