Robert Birchall (ca.1750-1819).
"One of the important London music publishers. From his early imprints we learn that before commencing business he was employed by William Randall at Walsh's old shop in Catherine Street. He probably left here on Randall's death and set up in business with Hugh Andrews at 129, New Bond Street, sometime near 1780.
... After his partnership with Andrews (who continued published separately at No.129), Birchall appears to have pushed his business forward vigorously and to have established an extensive musical circulating library, rapidly coming to the front as a publisher.
About the end of the century he published a quantity of Italian vocal music, then in such great demand; much of this is in oblong folio. A great number of glees, also appeared singly as well as in large collections — Horsley's and Callcott's, several books in oblong folio. He issued many single pieces of Handel's, and altogether a mass of sheet and other musical publications much too large to indicate. One of his series was a re-issue and a continuation of Campbell's "Country Dances and Strathspey Reels" in oblong quarto. This extended to at least the 27th book, circa 1811. The set was originally commenced by Wm. Campbell, the music publisher, but Birchall acquired the plates.
After making his business one of the largest of its kind in London, Robert Birchall died in 1819. The firm now or shortly after (1821) became Birchall, Lonsdale, and Mills. In 1830 it was Lonsdale and Mills, and before 1838 these two separated, C. Lonsdale going to 26, Old Bond Street, and R. Mills retaining the old address at 140." (from Kidson)
Richard Mills was a nephew of Robert Birchall. From c.1868-1896 the business continued (at 140 New Bond St) as Richard Mills and Sons.



  • Printed for R. Birchall (from the late Mr. Randall's, formerly Walsh's in Catherine Street, Strand) and T. Beardmore, No.129, New Bond Street" - ca.1780-83
  • Printed and sold by Messrs. Birchall and Andrews, No.129, New Bond Street - ca.1783-85
  • Printed and sold by Birchall & Andrews, at Handel's Head, No.129, New Bond Street - ca.1783-85
  • Printed for Robt. Birchall at Handel's Head, No.133, New Bond Street - ca.1785
  • Printed by Robt. Birchall, at his Musical Circulating Library, No.133, New Bond Street - ca.1788
  • Printed & Sold by Rt. Birchall, Music Seller to her Royal Highness the Duchess of York, No.133, New Bond Street - ca.1789
  • Printed & Sold by Rt. Birchall, at his Musical Circulating Library, No.133, New Bond St.
Rare example of a dated imprint: Kollmann's Hymn
London 1803 Printed & Sold by Rt. Birchall. at his Musical Circulating Library No.133 New Bond Str.
  • Printed for Rt. Birchall, at his Musical Circulating Library, No.133, New Bond St. - ca.1790-ca.1815
  • Birchall & Co., No.133, New Bond Street - ca.1819-ca.1824
Plate numbers used, e.g. Perucchini's 6 Ariette
  • Birchall & Co., No.140, New Bond Street - ca.1824-ca.1829
  • Birchall, Lonsdale and Mills, No.140, New Bond Street - ca.1824-1829
  • Lonsdale and Mills, No.140, New Bond Street - ca.1829-1834
  • R. Mills, 140 New Bond Street - ca.1835-1896
  • Richard Mills and Sons, 140 New Bond Street - ca.1868-1896
  • Richard Mills and Sons, 57 Great Marlborough Street - 1897-1900
  • Richard Mills and Sons, 16 Wells Street, Oxford Street - 1901-1903
  • C. Lonsdale, 26 Old Bond Street - ca.1835-1880

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