Brix von Wahlberg

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Brix von Wahlberg of Amsterdam published a variety of works by Dutch composers from about 1860 to 1898, when it was bought by G. Alsbach & Co. of Rotterdam.

The catalog included :

  • Historical works, such as Sweelinck's Psalms edited by Robert Eitner. (1883), and Oud-Nederlandsche Danswijzen arr for piano 4-hands by J. C. M. van Riemsdijk.
  • Contemporary choral works, such as Richard Hol's (1825—1904) De balling op zee Op. 46, for soloists, choir and piano
  • Contemporary educational works
  • Other contemporary works, such as Heimath's Klänge: Adagio für grosses Orchester by Johannes Meinardus Coenen (1824—1899), or Twee Liederen by C. L. Mattern.


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