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C. F. Teich started in 1893 in Leipzig, and Otto Teich founded his firm in Darmstadt in 1888 and Leipzig in 1892. By 1896 both C. F. Teich and Otto Teich were publishing in Leipzig. Franz Otto Teich (1866-1935) became the sole owner in 1906. The firm bought Starke orchestra library in 1899, and the choral publishers Loebel and Fiedler in 1901 and 1913. In 1915 they bought Adolf Kunz publishing, a low cost publisher of Pfennig-Musik founded in 1886. Martha Elisabeth Otto (in this case, by chance, Otto was a surname), Otto Teich's daughter, managed the firm after his death. In 1953 Marie Lina Franke was the owner of C. F. Teich. Otto Teich still publishes plays and musicals in Darmstadt.

Both firms published popular music, C.F.Teich more in the salon style, but Otto Teich specialized in operettas, and comic songs known as couplets. Otto Teich himself was a prolific composer, reaching Op.325 by 1900 (from Op.1 in 1888) and Op.500 a few years later. The main composers ere Oskar Junghähnel, Otto Reutter, W. Helbig and Stadthagen.

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