song cover ca. 1910
The first Raffles story in Cassell's Magazine 1898



In 1848 John Cassell (1817–1865), started publishing newpapers and magazines such as The Standard of Freedom, The Working Man's Friend and Cassell's Family Newspaper. Thomas Dixon Galpin and George William Petter bought the firm in 1855. The firm mainly published books and magazines. Free part-song scores were put in the magazines March 9th 1872 p.20 example here and many separate songs were published between 1860 and 1920. The most famous magazine was Cassell's Magazine, which featured important fiction, especially in the 1890 to 1920 period; the notable example is Hornung's Raffles stories.
The imprint is still used: see here


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  • Petter and Galpin 1855-1858
  • Cassell, Petter & Galpin 1858
  • Cassell & Co 1888


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