Wilhelm Creuzbauer (1803-1883)
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Wilhelm Creuzbauer (1803-1883) was a major figure in art printing (lithography) and bookselling in Karlsruhe in the mid 19th century.

In 1828 he was the manager of the art printing firm of Carl Ludwig Frommel and August Klose. Shortly after in 1832 he started his own art printing (lithography) and bookselling business. Franz Nöldeke was his partner from 1836. From 1835 to 1839 he had a branch in Leipzig. The music publishing business lasted only from 1841 to 1843, while books appeared with the Creuzbauer & Hasper imprint from 1845-1847 such as the Vollständige Gesetzes-Lexicon für den badischen Staatsbürger. The firm continued until 1879 as an art printing (lithography) and bookselling business.
Creuzbauer published works of local composers such as Johann Daniel Baldenecker, Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda (1801—1866) Alexander Fesca (1820—1849) and Thomas Täglichsbeck (1799—1867) .


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