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This firm published books on music and scores in Leipzig from 1954 until 1990. It was a VEB (state company), like VEB Breitkopf & Härtel Musikverlag, and VEB Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag. It was taken over by Barenreiter in the 1990s.
Its books were both academic and popular. There was a long series Musikgeschichte in Bildern, and many studies of Handel and Bach. Educational books were also in the catalog.
The score catalog had historical and contemporary sections. In the historical section were many works by Handel, whose birthplace Halle was in East Germany. In the contemporary section we find works by East German composers such as Siegfried Thiele (*1934), Hanns Eisler (1898–1962), Max Butting (1888-1976), the church musician Lothar Graap (*1933), Paul Dessau (1894-1979), Siegfried Matthus (*1934), Siegfried Köhler (1927-84), Helge Jung (1943-2013), Rainer Kunad (1936-1995), Erhard Ragwitz (*1933), Wolfgang Strauß (1927-2018), and Mikis Theodorakis (*1925).


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Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
1138 Theodorakis 3. Sinfonie [1981] für sopran, chor und orchester (f.s.) 1986
1736 Theodorakis 1. Sinfonie (f.s.) 1985
7290 Bottesini Double Bass Concerto No.1 in F-sharp minor (H. Hermann ed., db/pf) 1960
8010 Mendelssohn Fugue in C minor, MWV W 18 (Little ed.) 1977

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