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This London-based firm was founded by the composer Ernest (Alexander Adolphe) Donajowski (c.1845—1922) who was born in Calais, France and became a naturalised British subject in 1874. He appears to have established a music publishing business in the early 1870s.

Donajowski eventually issued three main series: miniature scores, an octavo edition of chamber music, and piano (Philharmonic Edition) and violin pieces. The miniature score series was sold to Eulenburg in 1894.

Among the composers were: for piano Chamberlayne, William Faulkes, Ritter (E.W.), Strelezki, Virginia Lane, Dobigny and Gautier. Chamber music: Lindsay Kearne, Percy Godfrey. Violin: Guido Papini.


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


E. Donajowski


  • 8 Winsley St., London (1872—78)
  • 4 Winsley St., London (1878—79)
  • 14a Great Marlborough St., London (1884)
  • 1 Little Marlborough St., London (1885—88)
  • 24 Castle St. East (1885—96)
  • 26 Castle St., Berners St. London W. (1896—1917)

Engraving and Printing Partners

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
4079 Godfrey Piano Quintet, Op.16 (sc&pts) 1901

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