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During WWII Dr. Kurt Eulenburg, the owner of Edition Eulenburg in Leipzig, already 60 years old at the time, fled to Switzerland and re-started his business with the young Albert Kunzelmann, the owner of Appollo-Verlag, a small music publisher. They founded Edition Eulenburg in Zürich in 1947, but finally moved to nearby Adliswil in 1964. They published the famous Eulenberg miniature scores, but Kunzelmann also published many works by Tomaso Albinoni.

In 1980 Kurt Eulenburg, now a very old man, sold the miniature scores to Schott, and Kunzelmann set up Edition Kunzelmann, mainly publishing first editions of historical works, especially chamber music. Irene Kunzelmann has led the company since Albert Kunzelmann’s death in 2003.

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